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Kim Trupiano addressing the Clayton City Council


Why I Am Running

🔹 My primary objective for running for Clayton City Council is to move the City towards Fiscal Responsibility in order to maintain the Quality of Life that we all enjoy in Clayton.

🔹 We need Strong Leadership that we can Trust in order to deal with our most pressing issues.

🔹 This is what Clayton residents deserve and I promise to deliver that to them. That’s why I’m asking for your vote on November 8th!

Addressing Issues to the City Council

Kim addressing the Clayton City Council concerning some of the most pressing issues, including Landscaping and Maintenance.
Putting Our Financial House in Order: Now is the Time to Be Proactive About Our Future, Rather Than Reactive About our Past.


Get Involved with Kim’s Campaign

Meet JoJo and get involved to help my mommy get elected to the Clayton City Council!